April 26, 2010

Not so long ago

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Wasn’t that long ago that we were facing feet and feet of snow.  Some of the pictures I took during that fun time can be found on this webpage.

April 23, 2010

Adam’s Favorite New Word

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The Missus and I are not happy about it.

April 18, 2010

Good Morning

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“Don’t wake Mommy and Daddy up tomorrow!”

That’s what we say to the twins every Friday and Saturday night.  It never worked.  When they got hungry enough, or lonely enough or just wanted to watch TV, they would come in and ruin Daddy’s only chances to sleep in.  It was flattering that they love us so much, but a little frustrating.  I get up around 5 am every morning during the week and I would really like me some extra sleep on the weekends.

Today I noticed something strange.  They didn’t come and wake us up.  When we went downstairs, the TV was on to the Disney Channel and they had poured themselves a bowl of Rice Krispies, getting only a little on the floor.  Thank goodness they didn’t try to get out the milk, but overall I was impressed.  It may not have been the first time they’ve done this (I’m usually long gone by the time they get up) but it is worth noting.

I was happy to get a little extra sleep, but felt a little sad too.  Next they’ll be asking for the car keys!

Yesterday we went up to Frederick, Maryland, to have lunch at a tapas restaurant the Missus heard about called Isabella’s.  It was tasty!  The twins were playing with my little camera.  Here are two pictures.  Adam took one; Tess the other.

April 13, 2010

The Best Day Ever

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We drove up to historic Harpers Ferry this weekend on a beautiful day.  We hiked up and down the hills of the town and then had some ice cream before heading home.  Heading up the trail towards Jefferson Rock, viagra sale recipe Tessa and Adam ran out ahead.  They love exploring.  “This is the best day ever!” Adam said.

At the ice cream shop, medical Tessa managed to help the girl behind the counter knock over a bottle of hot sauce.  (I assume the sauce was for the hot dogs and burgers they sell, advice not for the ice cream.)  The bottle broke and splattered Cholula everywhere, including all over the Missus’s shoes.

We drove home with the windows down.

Here are a couple of pictures from our day.

April 7, 2010

More Pictures

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Like the one of the boy; love the one of the girl.

April 4, 2010

Dodona Manor

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George C. Marshall was a General of the Army and Secretary of State.  He made his home at Dodona Manor in Leesburg, discount viagra cialis Virginia.  Here’s a picture of the house and the statue of Marshall in front.

Happy Easter!

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We’re heading over to my sister-in-law’s for a delicious Easter dinner today.  The twins got some nice sweets from the Easter Bunny and, best viagra sale better yet, sildenafil nurse they like to share with Daddy!  Hope everyone is having a great day.

Here’s another Easter/Birthday picture of the twins.

April 2, 2010

Birthday/Easter portrait

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Every year around this time of year, cialis usa site the Missus takes the twins to a local photography shop to get their portrait taken as a combination birthday and Easter portrait.  Here’s one of them.

A Brand New Blog!

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It’s a brand new blog!  I’ll try to actually update it regularly.

Previously, generic viagra drugstore I used to create my blog, which was then hosted on my own website,  It worked fine but Blogger wasn’t so happy supporting this mechanism and was updating it in a way I didn’t like.  After some searching, I’ve decided to use WordPress, which is blog software that you install yourself.  Seems to be working okay so far (but it is the first day.)  Isn’t this fascinating?  It is to me….

I’ve decided to keep the name Novitas, a Latin word meaning “newness.”  I first used the name right before the twins were born.  Though they’re almost five years old now, every day is still a new adventure.

The old blog can be found here, just in case anyone is interested.

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