August 8, 2010

Cell phone

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The Missus had lunch with some of her girlfriends today.  I took the twins to Mickey Dee’s for lunch as a treat.  In the restaurant, tadalafil view Tessa took out her toy cell phone and proceeded to have a long conversation with her imaginary girlfriend.  Talk about foreshadowing!  I can’t wait.  At the end of the “conversation,” Tess told her girlfriend, “For the last, last, last time, I’m not going to the boys’ party!”

You tell her!

White Sands

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On our road trip, viagra usa rx Sean and I stopped for a quick visit to the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  Very hot and dry there, sildenafil view but beautiful.  We came north on U.S. 70 from Las Cruces and passed through a Border Patrol checkpoint.  We didn’t have any difficulties there, but it was definitely a new experience for me.  Here are a few pictures from White Sands.

August 2, 2010


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Adam took a tumble off of his scooter yesterday, viagra buy site going too fast down a hill.  He split his upper lip open real good as well as scraping some skin off of his knee and elbow.  He was riding around the block with Mom and Tessa in tow.  They brought him back screaming.  Is there anything worse then your child in pain?

It was pretty clear that he was going to need stitches, buy cialis so we put him in the car and Mom drove him to the hospital.  He was scared, of course, but gave me a thumbs-up as they pulled out of the garage.  What a guy!

Dad stayed home with Tessa, who was unusually quiet.  She was really worried about her brother.

He needed four stitches and Mom said he was a champ.  The doctor was really good and talked Adam through it.  Keeping his eyes covered apparently helped too.

His lip should heal fine.  The stitches they used will dissolve naturally.  He does look banged up though.  As soon as he feels better, I’m going to get him back on that scooter–just a little slower this time.

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