January 29, 2012

Scouts and Citizenship

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Adam has been busy with the Cub Scouts–and Dad’s been having fun too.  Adam recently was awarded his Bobcat badge for finishing all of his associated tasks.  The tradition is that the scout has to wear the badge upside down until he does a good deed, discount viagra sildenafil and since you wouldn’t want to disrespect the badge by holding it upside down, the scout gets held upside down by the Scoutmaster while the badge is pinned on.  Adam had a ball.

Adam also competed in the Pine Wood Derby, with his car “Hawaii Five-O”.  I think the Missus helped him pick out that name.  His car won the first heat–I think I may have screamed like a girl when he did.  By the time all the heats were run, he had slipped into 5th place (out of 12) overall.  I congratulated him on a good race, but he was disappointed he didn’t get a medal.  Here’s a picture of the awesome Hawaii Five-O:

Tessa’s been busy too.  I got to join her at school to see her receive a Citizenship Award.  I was able to surprise her and got a big smile in return.  Congratulations, Tessa!

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